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Why Choose Popular Gay Hard Core Sex Movies?



Gay Sex Movies are a really fun way to spice up life. Whether you’re single and Grindring, hosting a queer singles party or having a fun and romantic night with your boyfriend and his toys, Gay DVDs can add an extra element and provide a fantastic atmosphere to an otherwise ‘men’ night.

When you’re single and buying gay DVD’s you don’t really have any restrictions on the type of queer porn that you watch, you can be driven by your own tastes and desires as you explore your own world of gay sex and homosexuality. You’ll quickly find yourself set in your ways and only really looking at particular types of gay hard-core porn.

Don’t forget, every now and then branch out and try something new. Unfortunately, gay porn studios change, they’ll change direction with their actors and they’ll create a different feel for their queer films.

Take Bel Ami for example.

Always known for their gorgeous European twinks. They have some of the best Bel Ami actors of all time. They’ve upped their production quality to one of the highest quality gay porn studios around. Also, they’ve progressed from the barely muscle twinks to the muscled twunks, if Bel Ami was one of your first gay porn videos, as it was mine. You’ll certainly be able to notice the difference that has occurred over the years.

This is in part due to the changing tastes of people and porn, but it is an important element to note in regards to the evolution of gay porn.

Evolution of Gay Porn

In order to evolve, they have to accommodate the differing and evolving tastes of the community in order to stay relevant. So don’t get too attached as you discover that the businesses themselves will eventually outgrow what you’ve come to love about them. Or, maybe it’ll be you that outgrows them – I know that my gay porn tastes have changed over the years often in mysterious ways.

Where once I was like, no I don’t like that. I’m now ‘oh good, that’s hot gimme more!’ It’s a different story when you’re getting gay porn to spice up your love life, or to liven up a gay sex party but it can be very easy if you can remember a few simple things.

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It can be troublesome and difficult to recommend to your lover about watching a gay hard-core film together. In the event that you choose that it is something you’d be willing to explore, utilize your creative energy to consider ways you may want to bring up subject without it being hurtful.

For instance, you could lease a standard motion picture that contains a marginally evocative scene, and utilize that to start up a casual conversation about it. Alternately you may raise gay couple’s porn when you’re snuggling and sharing insider facts or dreams.

There’s nothing more passionate in a relationship than sharing each other’s fantasies and who knows! Maybe you both will end up fulfilling each other’s fantasies.

Remember that your lover may be at first hesitant

But that’s often because they might not want to open up their minds. Take for example the boyfriend that doesn’t want to go to the art galleries with you, it could be said that he simply doesn’t want to see his mind illuminated with new opinions and awareness of the mind and spirit.

In some cases, this wavering is taking into account feelings of inadequacy or even that they’ll be unfavourably contrasted with the performing artists in the hard-core feature.

One reaction to this worry is to clarify that the gay porn stars included are on-screen characters and like gay Hollywood stars, they’re not anticipated that they would look or act like regular gay individuals, yet rather depict standards liable to create excitement and arousal.

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You may have a boyfriend that doesn’t like gay hard-core films

Or he may think that you watching them without him is disrespectful regardless of what the reasoning is – introducing gay porn to a queer boyfriend can be tricky but it might not be impossible.

If you want to introduce queer porn to the bedroom you firstly need to determine what his sexual interests are. He absolutely loves watching muscle boys, or twinks, mature men, black men, Latino men or some other category of porn, then you might want to consider a dvd that is tailored to his interests.  They’ll generally be more receptive to a queer hardcore film if they’re into the people that are in it. Pop it on, give your partner a blow job whilst he watches it.
Just to show that you’re still interested into him and not overly focused on the film.


If you like gay swingers parties then not only are you going to need a host of sex toys specifically made with couples in mind, but you’re going to want to ensure that your porn reflects the theme as well! If you want to host an orgy then you might be looking for a different type of film than what you normally buy.

Rather than go a soft romantic kind of film with lots of foreplay and kissing such as Bel Ami, kinky angels, Lucas Entertainment, you might want to go for the more sexual videos such as amateur styles, bareback inc., Treasure Island and Dick Dorms. These types of films show off great homosexual sex but in a manner that might be befitting to your sex party.

Obviously, if you’re having a fetish party you might want to consider the style of fetish and link that to the necessary porn.

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Change the Mood with Porn

Reasons you might want to include films in the bedroom or at a gay party is that they can totally change the tone or the mood of the environment with a film.

It can be spicy and add that element of naughtiness. For that reason, if you’re at a BDSM munch, or get together you might want to showcase chastity and bondage porn to help with some chastity style games– you wouldn’t necessarily show light and fluffy twink porn at such a party as this is inevitably going to alter the tone of the party.

As well as that, if you’re both inexperienced, gay porn is a fantastic way to try new things and get to share some sensual moments together. It doesn’t have to be a mood killer. In fact if you approach it the right way and you’re caring and considerate about your partner’s feelings and insecurities there’s really no reason why you can’t introduce homosexual porn to the bedroom.

It’s in the same way that you might bring up bringing sex toys into the room.

As opposed to bringing in just some random and cheap sex toy, you might opt for a male vibrator that speaks classiness, and luxury. You could take the same approach to introducing porn. However, that does depends on your interests.

If you’re both pig sluts, then light a romance plot porn from Lucas Entertainment may not work, but a title from their Raunchy series might be perfect. Take into consideration, not just your interests, but your partners interests as well.