Gay Hardcore Sex Movies

What Are Popular Genres in Gay Hard Core Sex Films?


There are many types of genres in gayhard core sex films. Below you’ll find a list of some of the more popular types of genres along with some of the most popular gay porn stars working at the moment


gayhard core sex

Twink Gayhard Core Sex porn always consists of young gay men that are hairless and thin. Though sometimes twink porn will showcase young men in relationships with older men. These fresh faced boys will be relatively new to the porn scene and may have only just turned 18 or in their early to mid 20’s.

There are a few subcategories

Muscle twinks (twunks) most can most notably seen within Cocky Boys, Next Door Studios and newer Bel Ami films. But there’s also the boyish twink look which is the trademark of the Helix film studios.

Most people either love or hate twink porn.

There’s always the fantasy of scoring a young lad for a hot night. But there are many that argue that twink porn places an unrealistic body expectation on an already fragile mind. Surrounding issues about body sizes, weight, and the expectation of being a young gay boy.

Kevin Warhol, Jake Bass, Evan Parker, Brent Corrigan are all prime examples of gay twinks.


gay bear sex

Gay bear DVD’s will generally consist of either larger and fat men or very hairy men. There’s two types of gay bears; bears and cubs.

  • Gay Cubs are generally younger boys which are either hairy, larger or both.
  • Bears will generally consist of older men of the same type and variety.

Bear porn is considered the response to the twink genre and many ‘bear’ DVDs will simply pass themselves off as ‘regular’ man next door boy type.


Amateur porn
Amateur gay sex

Gay Amateur porn strives to be the more ‘unscripted’ type of homosexual porn. It usually will market itself off as gay sex in public places. Queer actors within this field will generally not be amazing model like gay boys. But simply might be the queer guy that lives next door, down the road.

Queer Amateur porn attempts to pass itself of as authentic, unscripted without the structured and formulaic look of other genres. Many porn consumers prefer this style of porn as it seems to be more real and attainable than some of the other genres.


Strong Gays

Muscle porn is very reminiscent of gay porn from the 1960s and 70’s. Where gay porn consumers would often pass themselves off as fitness enthusiasts as they devoured fitness magazines and men in fitness mags.  Muscle porn can either be solo or with others. It will often showcase a lengthy workout scene or a solo scene with each boy showing off his muscles.

Zeb Atlas is a prime example of a muscle porn actor.


foot Fetish

Gay Fetish porn is a huge array of different types of porn that may be considered out there, or not of the norm.

This can include BDSM, water sports, Gay fisting, furry, CBT (cock and ball torture) or a wide variety of different fetishes. As such, fetish as a category is extraordinarily broad. It could even include suit fetishes, feet, sneakers, domination and chastity, underwear and everything in between.

Queer Fetish porn is highly consumed and especially sought after. Once you’ve found a fetish company that you like – I’d highly recommend grabbing everything that you can. Homosexual Fetishes can come and go very quickly and some production houses will move on to a new fetish pretty quickly.


Leather And Bondage
Gay Man in leather

Gay Leather and bondage should technically be classified under fetish. But again this just goes to show you how diverse the term fetish can be. Leather and bondage films will generally consist of boys having sex in leather, or whilst being tied up, on swings etc.

There might be orgies, they might have fetishes such as water sports and fisting. Leather and bondage DVDs will generally have several things in them. Obviously it depends on the production house that you’re going with. But you’ll find that leather and bondage DVDs are generally very diverse in their films.


Gay Uniform porn will generally consist of queer boys in different uniforms whether it be sport, fireman, policeman, military who will engage in homosexual activity. They’ll generally be set in the place of the uniform (military compound, jail, hospital etc)


Gay Gangbang

Gay Gangbang porn can either be homo party style porn or simply gay orgy porn with a lot of guys in the same scene. It may include one bottom with many tops, or it could be reversed. Orgies will generally be in a party style set up with various couples and threesomes or groups all over the screen.


Gay Bareback is a hotly contested gay porn genre – especially in the wake of the 70’s HIV crisis. Many homosexual porn companies refuse to do bareback. Those that do submit their queer actors to intensive and frequent HIV check-ups. Gay Bareback porn consists of gay porn that doesn’t use condoms.

Many people argue that bareback porn proliferates the rate of unprotected sex amongst young gay men. As well as sets a worrying trend in regards to safe sex practices.  So long as you understand that what’s happening on screen is a representation of gay sex. Then you shouldn’t really have any issues.


Gay Daddies

Gay Daddy porn will generally consist of older gay guys fucking younger gay guys. Daddy porn is especially popular within the twink community who are looking for a sugar daddy. As well as the older gay community still chasing their youth. Daddy porn is a crossover of mature gay male porn and the considered to be a very popular fetish.