Gay Hardcore Sex Movies

Gay Hardcore Sex Movies


The Home of Gay Hardcore sex movies have been around since the advent of cinema. But they became more prevalent after the 50’s. Indeed, the rise of technology and a media hungry society has seen hardcore gay porn consumption sky rocketing.

Unfortunately, much of the classic porn has been lost due to poor storage and the disintegration of films and various accidents such as fires and floods.  Things were also willingly destroyed due to the lack of acceptance in relation to anything gay or homosexual.

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Society is More Accepting Today

Whilst not perfect, society are much more accepting today. It is within this era that in many parts of the world there are boys waiting to hit the legal age to begin a career in gay porn around the world.  You might think this is an amusing concept. But there’s a wide variety of reasons as to why people enter gay porn.

Matt Hughes AKA Danny D is a gay porn actor from England with a huge 11 inch cock.  How did he start in porn? He needed money to help raise his daughter with his wife. With an 11 inch dick he makes more money in gay porn than he did if he had done straight porn.

Though it should now be noted, having built a name for himself, that he does straight porn these days.

Most Well Known Male Porn Star

The classic and most well-known male porn star of all time, John Holmes started in classic gay porn when his film friend and he were pissing in the trough.  His friend saw how big his dick actually was. Although identifying as a gay man, he did do gay for pay films. A common trend in today’s gay porn scene.

Sure, it’s not a career for everyone

But with an endless seemingly endless supply of people you’re going to get a seemingly endless supply of hard core gay porn. Certainly what existed then and what exists now there can be no comparison. Especially when today is such an image driven world. You can access almost anything with a few simple clicks and a phone line.

Gone are the days of underground queer bars and dark dimly lit homosexual home cinemas showcasing gay porn. With men huddled salaciously hoping that they weren’t about to be busted by the police.  No longer do you have to know the right people in order to access the good stuff. You can simply pop down your local sex store and access what you need to or log online and grab whatever you need to.

Today you have HD and big screen TV’s

You can certainly bring an exclusive cinematic experience to your lounge room. Therefore it’s become clear that Hard core gay porn is very easy to access. It only starts to get difficult once you start getting fussy and into various kinds of fetishes.

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How then do you find what you like?

Well that really depends on firstly, the type of guy that you like. But also the quality that you like. If you like hardcore gay sex with pig boys, bareback and lots of filthy cum shots produced in a dark and dirty style you might want to put on a Treasure Island DVDs.

But if you prefer the pretty boys with muscles, tight asses and super-hot dicks in a model like environment. You might want to try Bel Ami or even the delicious young men from Cocky Boys.

Otherwise it’s simply a matter of trial and error.

Buying several DVDs that suit your tastes and see how you go. Porn is like a music CD, there are usually a couple of scenes that you absolutely love and the rest you don’t want to see or even bother with. It’s unusual to find the perfect DVD just as its unusual to find the perfect music CD.

With such a huge variety of types and genres, is it little wonder people get so confused?

That’s where this website becomes useful. With thousands of homosexual DVDs to search through you’ll be sure to find what you’re after and once you have. It’ll be easily categorised so that you can find more of the things that you like! Whether you have a favourite queer studio, or a favourite porn actor, you can find it easily with minimal fuss here.

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