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Want to Know Why I watch Gay Hardcore Sex Movies?  It is because have always enjoyed a bit of fun that is experimental and when I got my hands on this gay porn I just couldn’t believe all the incredible stuff that I had been missing. The move was not just epic to say the least but it also opened doors for me in terms of what I really need to be watching more often. There are a number of reasons as to why I find myself watching gay hardcore sex movies most, and I will walk you through these reasons and you see what I mean.

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It is not just amazing before I begin to share with you the incredible journey that these gay videos have taken me on but I also feel like you should know that they gave me the courage to actually come out of the closet. It was never an easy thing for me and the moment I would switch the DVD player on and put these movies to the big screen, I knew what I had to do about my sexuality and that is basically how I came out which is pretty cool I think.


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Learning Something New:

Watching these movies teaches me a thing or two about sex so that I also can enjoy my sex life as much as everyone else. So, when I got to watching these videos, I learnt of all the right places I could touch just to get my partner just as fulfilled as I was. I don’t want to lose him because he means so much to me and these videos have really helped our sex life get to heights that I had never envisioned before.


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Coming Out Of The Closet:

I learnt that this is who I was and I had to accept myself and the whole society as well should learn of who I am so that they can also start treating me like a human being. Just because am gay doesn’t mean am different and thus, this is why I came out. The movies really go me to open up in ways I never thought possible and now I feel like a new person. The fact that these videos actually got me to really accept who I am and always have been is what is even more amazing them and I will always keep on watching them.


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Really Sexy Men:

I get to see all the really sexy men have a go at each other and this is just incredible to watch. The men are really sexy and handsome and make you wish that you were in the movies too. They are just the right blend of beautiful as well as incredible and just amazing in bed and just make you feel all the right things in the right places.



They Excite Me:

I actually don’t need any stimulants to get me in the mood and any time that I get to watch these movies, I am always ready for anything and this is really the best part about them. I get to watch ten minutes of it and am already in the mood and so is my partner. It really helps steam things up a little and this is the best part about it I would say. I always had a problem with getting a good erection but now that I watch these movies, I can literally get hard any time that I want which is mostly all the time. 


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They Make Me Comfortable:

I like the fact that they get me to feel comfortable about myself and that there is nothing wrong with me. This is the hardest part of any gay man’s life and getting to walk out of this cocoon is pretty hard but what these videos did is exactly that and I discovered myself and got to accept me for me. This is amazing and so many other gay people out there wouldn’t understand what I mean but once you actually get to these movies, you will find yourself. 


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The fact that I have been watching these videos for some time now and the above reasons show how amazing my time has been watching them is just incredible. These videos are just incredible and the guys in them especially are even hotter and kind of make you want to be in them too.